Cogeneration unit for Hotel Sputnik in Sochi

Location of the realisation: Sochi(Russian Federation)
Date of the realisation: 2021
Total power: 1011 kWe
The Engul company participated in increasing the performance of the existing energy center for powering the Sputnik recreation facility in Sochi. The company manufactured and delivered a cogeneration unit with an output of 1011 kWe for the energy center. The Energocentrum now consists of four cogeneration units.
The control system supplied by Engul ensures the cooperation of all four cogeneration units with power control depending on the needs of the recreation facility.
The cogeneration unit at full electrical output is capable of simultaneously supplying thermal energy with an output of 1085 kW.

Location of the realisation
Sochi(Russian Federation)

Date of the realisation

Total power
1011 kWe

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