Depolymerization of waste plastics in Senec, Zúgov – CHP unit engul 1400 RACH

– generating set – combustion engine PERKINS, generator STAMFORD

– electricity production 999 kWe, 400 V / 50 Hz, parallel operation with the mains

– heat production 932 kWt

– fuel – pyrolysis oil

CHP unit built in container, engul 1400 RACH, was designed for combined electricity and heat production by combustion of pyrolysis oil in special modified diesel combustion engine. Pyrolysis oil is produced during processing of waste plastics by depolymerization. Upraised waste heat is partially used as a technologic heat in depolymerization process. Not used heat in technologic process is planning to be used for greenhouses heating.

Location of the realisation
Senec, Zugov

Date of the realisation

Total power
999 kWe, 932 kWt

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