Альтернативні види рідкого палива

Engul, s.r.o. deals with research, testing and using of alternative fuels in area of “small energetic” on the basis of combustion engines. We have skilled specialists in mentioned area, who are able to contribute for progress in using of the alternative fuels for combustion engines.

Knowledge and experiences of our specialists in this area enable better utilization of the alternative liquid fuel potential to users themselves. Improved economy of generating sets operation, lower costs of maintenance and mainly increased reliability of our aggregates bring to users lot of asked benefits.

Engul, s.r.o. has experiences with using of combustion engines for liquid fuels made by depolymerisation of plastic materials. It is done conception: System of chemical-physical fuel preparation – SChFUP, which provide for final preparation of fuel for combustion engine and at the same time protection of combustion engine from undesirable effects of fuels made from depolymerisation.

The part of the device scope of supply, which use alternative liquid fuels, is system of auxiliary equipments for optimum operation of whole device.

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