Привідні установки

Driving aggregates for ropeways (PA) engul are special generating sets, produced on the base of customer very special requirements. As driving units they used industrial engines Perkins and Volvo. PA are used for driving of various auxiliary devices via combustion engine.

Driving aggregates can be:

  • hydraulic
  • compressor – type
  • cooling pumping aggregate (for emergency cooling of technological process)
  • irrigation pumping aggregate
  • fire (PA for fire systems fulfill norm NFPA 20)
  • for driving of the other devices

For control of EZA is used sophisticated control system, provide for all needed functions. Control system is able to provide for all types of PA operation (automatic / manual start and stop). Control system displays via graphical LCD display all operation, limit and emergency conditions of PA.

Driving aggregates are equipped with build-in fuel tank for several hours running. If tank for longer running is required, PA can be equipped separately double wall fuel tanks.

Driving aggregate can be various types of construction:

  • open version, suitable for machine room, where noise attenuation and ventilation are secured
  • canopied version, non sound-proof or sound-proof canopy for interior or external environment
  • container version, non sound-proof or sound-proof container for  external environment

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