Дизельні генераторні установки

Electric generating sets (EZA) engul are based on standard components – engines Cummins, Iveco, MTU, Perkins Volvo and generators Cummins-Stamford, MeccAlte and Sincro. Power range is from 8kWel to 2440kWel stand-by power (LTP). All generating set (EZA) are usually made with output frequency 50Hz and voltage 400V. If another frequency or voltage is needed, please, contact sales department of Engul,s.r.o.For control of EZA is used special control system, provide for all needed functions of EZA unit operation. Control system is able to provide for all types of CHP unit operation. (stand-by, back synchronization, overlap of energetic peaks and  contemporary parallel operation of several EZA in stand-by or continuous operation). Control system displays via graphical LCD display all operation, limit and emergency conditions of EZA. It provide for fully automatic operation with control of ATS.The EZA can be equipped with integrated or separate automatic transfer switch (ATS) according installation needs and type of EZA operation.EZA are equipped with build-in fuel tank for 6-8hours running (as standard). If tank for longer running is required, EZA can be equipped separately double wall fuel tanks.

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