O spoločnosti Engul

About company

Engul is a company specializing in design, manufacturing, and servicing of equipment for power generation and heat production based on internal combustion engines. By means of its personnel it has age-old experience in production of machines driven by combustion engines for continuous as well as emergency power supply.

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Kogeneračné jednotky Engul

CHP units

CHP units Combined heat and power (CHP) unit engul, which base parts are generating set and thermal block, is perfect choice for production of electric and heat power (KVET).CHP units contain field-proven base components as: combustion gas engines and synchronous generators from manufacturers of world-wide marks.

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Servis Engul


Support activities of firm Engul, s.r.o. are providing for next categories: Regular prophylactic inspections, Guarantee service, After guarantee service, Maintenance and repair engines. In case of your requirement to report failure, consultation, ordering of maintenance work or spare parts, please, do not hesitate to contact our service department.

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LYCOS – Trnavské sladovne, spol. s r.o., Slovakia

The company „Engul“, s.r.o. implemented a project for the malting company LYCOS – Trnavské sladovne, spol. s r.o., Slovakia in 2018. The malt is supplied for world brewing concerns Saab Miller, Molson Coors, or Heineken, which include well-known Slovak and foreign breweries. The emergency generating set (GS) engul 1250 DAFC consist of diesel engine with […]

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Power Energy center with the reconstruction of the power supply system of the building of the shopping complex (hypermarket) in Smolensk, Russian Federation.

The company “Engul, s.r.o.” is a supplier for the company JSC “Tander” within construction of its own power generation facilities (power energy centers). JSC “Tander” (owning retail network “Magnit”) was included in the rating of “250 of the world’s largest retailers.” The stores of the network are located in more than 2,700 locations in the […]

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Engul received a grant

Engul, s. r. o. has received a grant of EUR 141,899.83 from the Research and Innovation Program (OPVaI-MH/DP/2016/3.3.1-04) of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, represented by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, co-funded by the European Fund regional development. The strategic goal of the project to […]

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