Services as general contractor

For supply of technologies and buildings as design-and-build contract, we provide for pre-designing services, installation works, technologies supply, handling of project documentation, activities related directly or indirectly with building or supply of energetic systems technologies.

  • realization project
  • removal of existing engineering networks /if it is necessary/
  • building operations – connected with building of new or modification of existing boiler room
  • development of foundation under CHP units, boilers and chimneys for removal of exhaust gases
  • production and delivery of thermal block for CHP unit
  • production and delivery of CHP unit generating set
  • production and delivery of control panel
  • production and delivery of switch gear of output electric power from CHP unit
  • delivery and installation of steel constructions for dry-coolers placing
  • delivery and installation of CHP unit sound-proof canopy (container type)
  • delivery and installation of CHP unit air inlet and outlet systems
  • delivery /building/ of chimneys for removal of exhaust gases including steel framework
  • delivery and installation of boiler room measurement and regulation systems in range of asked modifications
  • delivery of CHP unit control system with dispatching workplace
  • projects of actual version
  • commissioning and adjusting of all supplied systems including asked tests
  • completeness realization engineering including provided by law measurement – noisiness   and emissions, which pollute environment
  • installation of CHP unit thermal block
  • installation of CHP unit generating set
  • installation control panel
  • installation of switch gear of output electric power from CHP unit
  • delivery and installation of CHP unit dry-coolers
  • delivery and installation of exhaust gas silencers
  • delivery and installation of fume-duct from CHP unit into chimney for removal of exhaust gas
  • mounting of pipe distributions and installation of hot-water technologies
  • remote monitoring of operating technologies
  • disposal and liquidation of dangerous waste related to operation of serviced devices

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Engul received a grant

Engul, s. r. o. has received a grant of EUR 141,899.83 from the Research and Innovation Program (OPVaI-MH/DP/2016/3.3.1-04) of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, represented by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, co-funded by the European Fund regional development. The strategic goal of the project to […]

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