CHP units

Combined heat and power (CHP) unit engul, which base parts are generating set and thermal block, is perfect choice for production of electric and heat power (KVET). CHP units contain field-proven base components as: combustion gas engines and synchronous generators from manufacturers of world-wide marks.

CHP units engul use the most advanced electronic control system, which provide for needed / required functions of CHP running in all regimes of operation. CHP unit is possible to supplement with production of cold – so called trigeneration (production of electric energy, heat energy and cold). CHP units engul use for driving combustion engines from manufacturers MAN, Perkins, Siemens, MWM. Some of engine types are possible to use as dual fuel engines for combustion of two types of fuel. Engines provide for power range from 41kWel to 4293kWel. Their coupling with generators of various power and voltage from 400V to 15kV – producers: Leroy Somer, Cummins Generator Technologies, AVK and Marelli, it is possible to build up generating set exactly according customer requirements and for specific application and using. For CHP units engul is possible to operate with various types of fuel:

  • Natural gas
  • Biogas
  • Landfill gas (SO)
  • Sewage gas = gas from sewage plant
  • Biogas from anaerobic process (Biogas stations)
  • Mine  gas
  • Wellhead gas
  • Synthesis gas
  • Pyrolysis oil

CHP units can be various types of construction:

  • open version, suitable for machine room, where noise attenuation and ventilation are secured
  • canopied version, non sound-proof or sound-proof canopy for interior or external environment
  • container version, non sound-proof or sound-proof container for  external environment

For control of CHP units is used special control system, provide for all needed functions of CHP unit operation. Control system is able to provide for all types of CHP unit operation (island, parallel with mains or contemporary parallel operation of several CHP units). All CHP units engul which use biogas as a fuel, fulfill emission limits TA-luft. If others emission limits are required, please, contact Engul, s.r.o. – sales department. For utilization of waste heat from CHP unit, engul cogenerating unit can be completed with equipment for additional produce of electric energy from Organic Rankin cycle ORC.


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Engul, s. r. o. has received a grant of EUR 141,899.83 from the Research and Innovation Program (OPVaI-MH/DP/2016/3.3.1-04) of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, represented by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, co-funded by the European Fund regional development. The strategic goal of the project to […]

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