“Yarshintorg” trading company (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)

Engul, s.r.o. took part in the construction and modernization project of the own energy center of the Yarshintorg trading company (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation). At the end of 2017, the Yarshintorg shopping center in Yaroslavl opened the first plant for a complete production cycle of stamped wheel disks for passenger cars and light trucks.
As part of the construction and modernization of the power center, the company Engul, s.r.o. implemented “turnkey”: project, initial permits, approval and signing of documents at authorized organizations, production, supply and installation of three cogeneration gas piston units engul 1300 GAXB.

Cogeneration units were installed and configured to operate as a cogeneration power plant with a total electrical capacity of 3,0 MWe and a thermal power of 3,3 MWt. At present, the facility is in the test launch phase.

Location of the realisation
Yaroslavl, Russian Federation

Date of the realisation

Total power
3,3 MW

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