RŠKA – Šamorín CHP unit engul 1300GACF

– generating set  – combustion engine MWM, generator MARELLI

– electric power: 999 kWe , 400 V / 50 Hz, parallel operation with the mains

– heat power:  1 027 kWt

– fuel – natural gas

In year 2014 company Engul, s.r.o. as general contractor realized building of boiler room for company FORESPO FACILITY MANAGEMENT, a.s. The subject of the project was finishing of realization project documentations and building of the main boiler room including pertaining buildings for Recreation – sports and congress complex in Šamorín – Čilistov.

As general contractor, we cooperate on realization of work with several subcontractors according separate object composition of work. Choice of subcontractors was done on the base of investor requirements an also on the base of Engul, s.r.o.  own experiences with its subcontractors.

Technological part of project contains:

  • installation of CHP unit
  • installation of two gas boilers with power 1,0 and 2,2 MW
  • preparation of building for installation of two more CHP units in future

In term of project scope, our company provided for:

  • realization projects
  • removal of existing engineering networks
  • development of main boiler room building
  • development of foundation under three CHP units, two boilers and chimneys for removal of exhaust gases
  • production of steel constructions for coolers placing
  • production, delivery and installation of CHP unit thermal block
  • delivery and installation of CHP unit generating set
  • production, delivery and installation of sound-proof canopy (container type) for CHP unit
  • delivery and installation of CHP unit coolers
  • delivery and installation of fume-duct from CHP unit with exhaust gas silencers and building of the chimneys for removal of exhaust gas, including steel framework
  • production, delivery and installation of CHP unit  air inlet and outlet systems
  • delivery and installation of switch gear of output electric power from CHP unit
  • delivery and installation of boiler room measurement and regulation systems in range of asked modifications
  • delivery of CHP unit control system with dispatching workplace
  • projects of actual version
  • commissioning and adjusting of all supplied systems including asked tests
  • completeness realization engineering including provided by law measurement – noisiness   and emissions, which pollute environment.

Location of the realisation
Čilistov - Šamorín

Date of the realisation

Total power
999 kWe, 1 027 kWt

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