Green Line Greenhouse, Plastunovskaja, Krasnodar, Russian Federation – 6x CHP engul 5300 GHFE

The Green Line Greenhouse complex is owned by one of the largest companies in the Russian Federation CJSC TANDER – the second largest chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets, the production of meat, confectionery, bakery products and others. The employment is more than 270,000 people.

The following equipment was supplied for the greenhouse complex:

  • basic unit – MWM internal combustion engine, MARELLI generator
  • electricity production by 6 cogeneration units with an electric power of 4.13 MW each, voltage of 10.5 kV / frequency of 50 Hz
  • island parallel operation of several cogeneration units
  • heat production by 6 cogeneration units with a thermal capacity of 4.28 MW each, 70/95 ° C
  • fuel – natural gas

The supply included the construction of an energy center with the supply of 6 cogeneration units engul 5300 GHFE with connection and control of a new energy center with an existing energy center. Both power plants are located at a distance of 1.5 km from each other. Engul’s control system provides the ability to operate both both energy centers independently and a single large center with a total capacity of 50 MW of electricity. This control system of both energy centers is quite flexible, which allows the customer to optimally use cogeneration plants. Both electrical and thermal energy are fully consumed in greenhouse technology.
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Location of the realisation
Green LineKrasnodar - Plastunovskaja, Green Line Greenhouse

Date of the realisation

Total power
24,78 MWe, 25,68 MWt

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